Date Event
26 January Kebab by Night - Amsterdam
2 February Flagey - Brussels
3 February Cumberlandsche Gallerie - Hannover (Mambo Gitano)
4 February Bronco's Bar - Hannover
10 February Tropic Disco Sound System at Cascina Autogestita Torchiera - Milan
11 February Serendipity - Milan
9 March Coo Café/Bar - Thessaloniki
16 March Underflow Record Store and Art Gallery - Athens
6 April Les Filles De Illighadad - Bonnefooi Brussels
30 April Waterfeest - Vilvoorde
12 May Sonido Gallo Negro + Condor Gruppe - De Zwerver Leffinge
9 June Pacific - Amsterdam (with Vintage Voudou)
16 June Bonnefooi Brussels with Cassy Boo (AUS)
17 June Le Brass - Vorst With Cassy Boo aka Cassawarrior
17-18 June Rommelmarkt Lange Violettestraat - Gent
8 July Vijverfestival - Dilbeek
13 Augustus De Zaat Raast - Temse
2 September Feest in den Hof - Oostende (Hang Out + Mambo Gitano)
8 September Schouwburg - Rotterdam
8 September Pacific Amsterdam met Vintage Voudou
16 September Train World — Schaarbeek
17 September Train World — Schaarbeek
21 September Democrazy at DOK - Gent (with Witch ft Jacco Gardner)
11 Oktober La Condition Publique - Festival d'Accordéon Roubaix
18 November Innervision at Bongo Joe Records — Genéve(CH)
18 November La Gravière — Genève(CH)
23 November Bonnefooi Brussels - Afterparty concert Derya Yildirim
24 November Apéros BeatChronic x Europalia at Mont Des Arts - Brussels
17 December Winters — Vilvoorde
18 December Winters — Vilvoorde
31 December Wintervuur Antwerpen

Past Gigs

Fusion Festival (DE), Gentse Feesten, Sarajevo Film Festival (BA), Wintervuur, Pllek (NL), Uitwijken, De Centrale, Recyclart, Bronco's (DE), La Piste Aux Espoirs, Airbag Festival, Wazemmes l'accordéon (FR), Cinemamed, Soul Inn, Bonnefooi, Cabane Choucoune (CH), Sinksen Kortrijk, Beleuvenissen, Sfinx festival, Cumberlansche Galerie (DE), Afro-Carribean Festival, Voodoo Ball (UK), Europalia, Manifesta, Roskilde (DK), Tokyo Sabroso (JP), Tropic Disco Sound System (IT)

Brazilian beat or Armenian rock ‘n roll? French mambo or Iranian surf? Chinese twist or Belgian bellydance? Welcome to the universe of Radio Martiko soundsystem!!! We’ll take you from a steaming soul club in Chicago to a Haitian carnival, from the suburbs of Lagos to a Bombay film set, from a London mod meeting to the casbah of Cairo.
Come and shake with the monkeys!!!

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