We are constantly searching for hidden gems from a broad range of global music traditions. Listen to our mixes and discover many amazing tunes.

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She's happy

Cheese Cake & Bouzouki Shake

1 hour of Greek 45's

Doing The Horse!

Martiko & Party

Son Sistem Çiftetelli

"Turkish special" voor de Gentse 'Tapijtendokter'

Masr Ya Gamila!

Beautiful Egypt

Calamari Moon Suite part 2

Live in Hannover

Chico del Barrio

Nobody dances the boogaloo like you do!

Oriental Rock

Eastern guitars meet Western sitars

Accordeon Festival

Your grandmother will like this

Los Astronautas de Nazca

The secret music guide to Peru (Panflutes strictly forbidden)

Oriental Bazar

How to bellydance for your husband

Gypsy Rum

Treasures from the Sarajevo flea market

Hot Sauce

Jazz not Jazz

Eastern Standard Time

!جاز حبيبي


Heiße XXX

Transatlantic Afro Party

Tropical (not so) hit parade

Jelly on my toe!

Jelly on your toe?

Land of Sorcerers

Harvest from the sand

Surfing with the nomads

Electrified World Music

Brazilian beat or Armenian rock ‘n roll? French mambo or Iranian surf? Chinese twist or Belgian bellydance? Welcome to the universe of Radio Martiko soundsystem!!! We’ll take you from a steaming soul club in Chicago to a Haitian carnival, from the suburbs of Lagos to a Bombay film set, from a London mod meeting to the casbah of Cairo.
Come and shake with the monkeys!!!

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